Back to School 2024-2025 - Eastlake High School (2024)

Curriculum Night

Wednesday, September 18th 2024 7:00-8:30pm

School Pictures 1st Day of School
September 3rd

Dorian Studios will be taking student pictures.

Picture Make Up Day
October 17th

Ordering information here.

Back to School Information - Please visit the drop down menu below for information to know about the start of the school year. Information listed by alpha.

  • ASB Card
  • Athletic Fees
  • Buses
  • Class Schedules
  • Communications
  • Counseling
  • Daily Schedule
  • Laptops
  • Life Threatening Health Conditions - Immunization Updates
  • Parking Permits
  • PE Shirts
  • SAT Testing Opportunity for Eastlake Seniors
  • School Pictures
  • Yearbook

ASB Card

ASB Card is $60- Students will receive a free EHS ID Card when they get their picture taken during our official photo days.

By purchasing the ASB (Associated Student Body) Membership, your student's ID card will show their support of student programs and events like clubs, athletics, cultural programs, dances, plays, competitions and other extracurricular events. It is required to purchase a ASB card to particpate in Athletics and Clubs.

Students with ASB Cards will get in free to all home sports games, and will receive discounts and access to many other events.
Families in need may qualify to have ASB Card fees waived by completing the FRL Form found HERE.

Athletic Fees

Athletic Fees- To play a sport you must pay the $250 LWSD participation fee (per season) & purchase a $60 EHS ASB card per year. Fees must be paid at the time of turnout.

Fees are collected on a per sport basis with both individual and family caps. The family caps will apply for brothers/sisters who attend the same school.

Pay fees here:

Individual/Family Cap per year

  • $250 per sport
  • $500 individual cap
  • $750 same school family cap

Please contact our Athletic Secretary or Bookkeeper if you have reached one of the caps.

Families in need may qualify to have LWSD athletic/sports fees waived by completing the FRL Form found HERE.


Bus route information is in your family’s Skyward Family Access account.

School/Transportation Search

You can also check your student busing information in Skyward Family Access:

  1. Log in to Skyward Family Access
  2. Select “Student Info” then “View Bus Schedule” to open the student’s transportation information.
  3. The student’s AM and PM route number, stop location and times will be shown.

Please note: Students who receive special education and preschool services will receive communication by phone from your child’s bus driver by August 31. If you have not received a phone callby September 1,pleasecontact our dispatch office at 425-936-1120. Please remember this is a busy time of year and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

LWSD Transportation webpage

Class Schedules

Class Schedules

Schedules for the 2024-2025 school year will be released in Skyward, Friday August 30th, 2024

More information will be communicated in late August as to how students can request a schedule change. Students will be able to request a change in their schedule within the window of September 5th-12th.


Each Friday evening the Wolves Weekly Update is sent to students, staff and parents through Parent Square.

This newsletter includes information about events, bell schedules and school news.

Follow Eastlake on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter

You can also receive weekly information directly from the Eastlake PTSA by signing up for their Wolf Tracks newsletter. link here.


Your last name determines your counselor. Caseloads have shifted this school year. Please visit the Counseling section of the Eastlake High School website for counselor e-mail addresses, additional information and helpful resources.

Daily Schedule

Visit the Eastlake website for the Daily Schedule


9th Grade Laptop Roll Out: 9th grade students will receive laptops during the Link Crew event Thursday August 31st in the EHS library between 8:00am and 1PM. (write down password or take a picture of it).

  • LWSD does not require all students to use a school laptop but it is highly recommended for 9th and 10 grade for taking the SBA or if teachers are using software that is exclusive to LWSD
  • If students opt out they do not need to fill anything out
  • LWSD no longer assigns fines for laptop damage, loss, or theft so parents do not need to purchase laptop insurance
  • LWSD moved the laptop agreement form to Parent Square for parents to sign digitally
  • Returning students should have kept laptops over the summer
  • Returning students should have registered for the LWSD password registration recovery tool
  • New Students go to the EHS library for their laptop
  • Returning students who need tech help go to the EHS library (and if you did not do so over the summer remember next time to turn laptop on twice a month to run updates and register for the LWSD password registration recovery tool
  • All students must now use the LWSD password registration recovery tool to change their password

Life Threatening Health Conditions - Immunization Updates

Life-Threatening Health Conditions

Students with life-threatening health conditions
Parents/guardians of students with life-threatening health conditions must inform the school and work with the school nurse and the student’s health care provider to create a health care plan. Planning ahead helps schools to be equipped and prepared to care for students in emergency health situations.

Parents/guardians must:

  • Report the life-threatening condition on the nurse alert form
  • Complete the authorization to administer medication form if student needs medication at school
  • Complete the health care plan that is specific to the student’s illness, if applicable

All student health forms are available in the forms library or at the school office.
Required documentation must be completed before the child attends school.

Life-threatening health conditions include:

  • Diabetes
  • Epilepsy/seizure disorder
  • Asthma – with medications or inhaler
  • Cardiac/heart conditions
  • Allergy – epinephrine injector

Additionally, students with life-threatening health conditions participating in athletics or after-school activities will need to SELF-CARRY their emergency medication anytime they are on campus for a school event such as after-school sports. Please ensure your provider approves the ability to self-carry on the Medication Authorization form. All forms must be turned into the school PRIOR to being able to attend school or any on campus activity per Washington state law RCW 28A.210.320.

Immunization Updates

Washington state law requires school age children to receive specific immunizations in order to attend school. Lake Washington School District works with the Washington State Department of Health to comply with state laws on required vaccinations.

Required documentation

Washington state law RCW 28A.210.080 requires that all children show proof of immunization or certification of exemption to attend school. Students cannot start school without the required documentation.

Covid Vaccination Records

Eastlake Student Health Services is collecting Covid vaccination information for students who have been fully vaccinated. If your student has received BOTH doses of the Covid vaccination, we urge you to take a picture or scan of the vaccination card and send it via email to Once we receive your vaccination card it will be verified with the Washington Immunization Information System (WAIIS) and uploaded into Skyward.

Parking Permits

Parking Permits 2024-25

Updated Information Coming soon

Eastlake Parking Locations

PE Shirts

PE Shirts- cost $7 and are required for all EHS students in PE or combination PE/Health classes. Optional Sweatshirts cost $15.

Students may wear their own shorts, sweats/yoga pants.

Shirts can be purchased online at during the first weeks of class.

Shirts come in Cardinal Red or Gray, and sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL and students will select size and color when they pick up their shirts at school. They are a Dri-Fit fabric that wears and washes well.

Sweatshirts are crew neck, grey in color.



Wednesday October 23rd 2024

Juniors Deadline to register is TBD

Testing date - TBD

This test is for 11th Graders to qualify for National Merit Scholarship programs, to identify other scholarship opportunities and to prepare for the official SAT Test.

  • 11th Graders must pay for the test which is typically held during the school day on a Wednesday in October, they must register for the test by paying the fee.
  • LWSD provides the practice test free of charge to all 10th Graders to help prepare them for testing.

Check back soon for more info.

SAT Testing Opportunity for Eastlake Seniors

SAT Test Opportunity for Seniors- EHS will offer the SAT Test to Seniors on Wednesday, Oct. 23rd during the school day.

This is the official SAT Test used by many colleges and universities in the admissions process. To register for the test, go to LWSP Payment Portal select your Senior’s name, select Shop For Items At Your School and then select Back To School/Fall Sports. Scroll down to select and pay the $60 SAT Fee. Enter a Parent Email address so you can receive more information in October.

SCHOOL LUNCH & BREAKFAST: Student breakfasts and lunches are available each day in our cafeteria. Please visit the Lake Washington School District website for daily menus, pricing, to add money to a lunch account, or to monitor your student’s meal history through Information on the Free or Reduced Lunch program can also be found at this site.

School Pictures

Picture Day
September 3rd, 2024

Picture Make Up Day
October 15th

Dorian Studios will be taking student pictures.

Coming soon - Picture Day flyer here with ordering information.


Yearbooks cost $70 and are sold in Fall (August/September) and Winter (December/January)to guarantee you get a book.
If we have any extra copies for sale they will be sold in June. We sell out each year, so purchase early.

Visit the Eastlake Yearbook webpage here

Back to School 2024-2025 - Eastlake High School (2024)
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