Florida Lottery Powerball Double Play (2024)

1. Double Play | Powerball

  • Draw Results · Números Ganadores · Prizes & Odds

  • Play your Powerball numbers again in the Double Play drawing! Double Play offers a top cash prize of $10 million. Are you holding a winning ticket? Check your numbers here.

Double Play | Powerball

2. Powerball - Florida Lottery

  • Wed, Jun 19, 2024. 4; 27; 44; 50; 64; Powerball7; Power Play 3x. Double Play. 16; 23; 35; 50; 59; Powerball21. Watch the drawings. Next Jackpot.

  • Prior to the official Powerball drawing conducted by MUSL, a Power Play multiplier number (between 2 and 5; 10 is included when the advertised jackpot is $150 million or less) is selected and will be displayed during the draw, in which five out of 69 numbers (white balls) and a Powerball number between 1 and 26 (red ball) will be drawn at random. There are nine ways to win Powerball prizes by matching the winning numbers drawn in the official drawing for the date played. Match all five numbers plus the Powerball to win the jackpot or match any of the non-jackpot-winning combinations to win other great cash prizes!

3. Double Play Draw Result - Wed, Jun 19, 2024 - Powerball

Double Play Draw Result - Wed, Jun 19, 2024 - Powerball

4. Florida Lottery Powerball, Lotto Double Play results for June 15, 2024

  • 6 dagen geleden · Check Powerball payouts and previous drawings here. Winning Powerball Double Play numbers from June 15 drawing. 30-38-44-54-55, Powerball: ...

  • Check your tickets for Florida daily lottery draw games here.

Florida Lottery Powerball, Lotto Double Play results for June 15, 2024

5. [PDF] How to Play Florida Lottery on-Line Games

6. Florida Powerball Double Play Past Winning Numbers - Lotto Strategies

  • Florida Powerball Double Play past winning numbers, organized in reverse chronological order by drawing dates.

7. [PDF] 53er20-40 powerball - Florida Lottery

  • The POWERBALL Double Play Promotion is a limited promotion of the. POWERBALL game and is conducted in accordance with the MUSL POWERBALL Product Group game ...

8. Florida (FL) Powerball - Winning Numbers & Results

  • Double Play Result: ... The latest Florida Powerball drawing took place on Wednesday, June 19, 2024, offering a jackpot worth $56.6 Million. See the winning ...

  • View the latest Florida Powerball Numbers after each drawing has taken place. See the Double Play numbers and prize payouts including the number of FL winners.

Florida (FL) Powerball - Winning Numbers & Results

9. Florida Lotto results: Powerball jackpot $36 million. Fantasy 5

  • 9 mei 2024 · Powerball results from Wednesday, May 8 drawing · Double Play winning numbers: 6-15-19-42-45 Powerball: 16 · Winning tickets: No winning tickets ...

  • The Powerball rolled over to $36 million for Saturday's drawing, but two winning tickets scored in Fantasy 5. Here's where.

Florida Lotto results: Powerball jackpot $36 million. Fantasy 5

10. st. petersburg woman claims a $10 million powerball double play® win

  • 26 okt 2022 · TALLAHASSEE- Today, the Florida Lottery (Lottery) announces that Laura Barnes, 55, of St. Petersburg, claimed a $10 million prize from the ...

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Florida Lottery Powerball Double Play (2024)


How to win Powerball double play? ›

Black balls (Double Play): The first five numbers on your ticket can match with any of the first five numbers drawn in the Double Play drawing, in any order. Note that you can only win a Double Play prize if you purchased the Double Play option on your game ticket.

What is double play result in Powerball? ›

Double Play is an add-on feature that gives players in select jurisdictions another chance to match their Powerball numbers in a separate drawing with a top cash prize of $10 million.

Has anyone won 10 million on double play Powerball? ›

Florida woman cashes in with winning $10 million Powerball Double Play ticket. While many Powerball players will be buying tickets hoping to win Saturday nights $800 million-plus jackpot, a Florida woman cashed in a winning ticket from July worth $10 million.

What's the difference between power play and double play? ›

Add Double Play to enter your numbers into an additional drawing to win up to $10 million, and Power Play for a chance to multiply your winnings, for an extra $1 each per line of play. Powerball tickets can include both the Double Play and Power Play add-ons.

How much do you win on a double play? ›

Double Play is another chance to win! Double Play enters a player's Powerball numbers into a second drawing for only an extra $1. This opportunity provides the chance to win even more prizes, up to $10 MILLION!

Are there multiple ways to win Powerball? ›

Players win a prize by matching one of the 9 ways to win. The jackpot is won by matching all five white balls in any order and the red Powerball. Jackpot winners may choose to receive their prize as an annuity, paid in 30 graduated payments over 29 years, or a lump-sum payment.

What is the Powerball double play for 3 30 24? ›

March 30 drawing jackpot results. No one matched all six numbers to win the Powerball jackpot. Four tickets purchased in Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, and Pennsylvania matched all five numbers except for the Powerball worth $1 million. Double Play numbers are 20, 29, 43, 57, 63, and the Powerball is 16.

What is the difference between a $2 and a $3 Powerball ticket? ›

Powerball Costs: The Bottom Line

The Powerball ticket price is $2 per play. You can add Power Play for $1, bringing the total to $3 per ticket. The Double Play add-on also costs an additional $1 for a total of $3 per ticket. You can add both Power Play and Double Play for a total of $4 per ticket.

How many numbers do you need to win a prize in Powerball? ›

You only need to match one number in Powerball to win a prize. However, that number must be the Powerball worth $4.

Has a Powerball number ever hit twice? ›

The last "repeat" in numbers occurred in the Saturday, May 20, 2023, Powerball drawing: 17-23-32-38-63 and the Powerball was 23. Before that, on Oct. 31, 2022, the number 13 appeared twice, in the winning numbers and as the Powerball − and, oddly, that drawing also was for $1 billion.

Has there ever been two Powerball winners? ›

Two tickets matched five numbers and will take home $1,622,808. The winning tickets were sold at an Albertsons in San Dimas and Oxnard Shores Bottle Shop in Oxnard.

How much did 2 billion Powerball winner get? ›

For most, winning the lottery is a distant dream. But for Edwin Castro, it became a reality when he struck gold with a $2.04 billion Powerball jackpot in November 2022, the largest in history. Choosing a one-time lump-sum payment, Castro received an astonishing $997.6 million, just short of a billion.

Is it worth playing power play on Powerball? ›

Power Play does not apply to the US Powerball jackpot, but it can increase all the other prize categories in the game. It can double the $1 million 2nd prize, and it can boost the others to some mouth-watering amounts. In the table below, you can see just how much you stand to win with this amazing multiplier.

Can you win the Powerball jackpot without power play? ›

The "Power Play" bonus is announced at the drawing time and does not apply to the jackpot winnings.

When did Powerball double play start? ›

2021 addition of Monday drawings and introduction of Double Play. On May 23, 2021, Powerball announced that starting on August 23, 2021, draws would occur on Monday, in addition to Wednesday and Saturday.

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