Obituary for Joan "Joanie" Marie (Potisuk) Ferrara | Donovan Funeral Home (2024)

Joan "Joanie" Marie (Potisuk) Ferrara, 81, passed away on October 19th, 2023 in her home. Joan is survived by her husband, Leopold “Paul” Ferrara, her daughters, Danielle (Robin) Ferrara-Seibel and Darbie (William) Ferrara-Mathys, her sons Thoman "Tom" (Tim) Ferrara and Dante (Christie) Ferrara; Her grandchildren, Gillian Seibel, Myles Mathys, Zane Ferrara, and Ava Mathys; Her siblings, Susan (Tim) Wilcox and Robert “Bob” Mace. She was preceded in death by her mother, Arlene Mace, father, Stephen Potisuk, and siblings, Richard (Lynn) Mace and Darlene “DeeDee” (David) Pounds.

On February 10th, 1942, Joan was born, the first of four children. Even though Kent was not her birthplace it surely became a home to her and later her family. Her education began at Central Middle School and continued at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Following her graduation, she became the first in her family to pursue higher education at Heidelberg University (B.A., 1960). At Heidelberg, Joan discovered her life's calling: teaching. In 1964, she married her high school and college sweetheart, Paul. Following their marriage, they had four children Danielle, Darbie, Tom and Dante and raised them on Plumbrook Farm, which remains a place for family to gather and animals to be raised.

Joan had an honorable and unselfish nature from early on. She wanted to use that passion to help make an impact on her community as a teacher. Her extensive teaching career took her from Columbus to Kent, from Holden Elementary to summer camps at Story Book House, and finally brought her to St. Patrick School. At St. Pats, Joan became a pillar of the school community, touching the lives of hundreds. Nothing could dampen her passion for education and in the later years of her career, Joan retired from full time teaching, but continued on as a subsitute.

To her children, and those that loved her, Joan will be remembered for her quick smile, love of a hot cup of coffee, and her amazing tales of George Kublich, an imaginary character pulled right from the creative folds of Joan's mind. A people person in every sense, Joan had the unique ability to make an indelible impression on everyone she met. It did not matter if one was a stranger or a lifelong friend, Joan greeted all with a bright smile and welcomed them into life with a warm heart. She was and still is a presence in the lives of all she touched. We will miss you everyday, we cannot say enough about "Joanie."

A mass of Christian Burial will be held at 9:00am on Saturday, December 23, 2023 at St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church located at 313 N. Depeyster St., Kent, Ohio.

A celebration of life will follow the mass at The Kent State Hotel Ballroom, 215 S. Depeyster St., Kent OH 44240.

In lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be made to Southern Care Hospice (3575 Forest Lake Dr., Uniontown, OH 44685) or Family and Community Services Senior Companion Program (135 E. Erie St., #301, Kent, OH 44240).

Joan Ferrara’s Favorite Things

Vacation - Italy/England

Color - RED




Flower - PEONY



Meal - Cavatelli with broccoli

Salad - Macaroni

Song - On Eagles Wings/Ave Maria

Saying - MADON/I see said the blind man

Sport - College football/soccer

Treat - Lays Potato Chips/McDonald’s French Fries

Hobby - Read

TV shows - Downton Abbey/Dr Pol/ Murder She Wrote

Restaurant - Red Lobster

Movie - Gone with the Wind

Fruit - Red Grapes

Bird - Cardinal

City - Washington DC

Museum - Smithsonian

Pet - Lhotse (Danielle’s White Akita)

Royal - Princess Diana

Lipstick - Red

Nail polish - Red

Game show - Jeopardy/Wheel of Fortune and of course The Price is Right with Nanny, Dolly and Grandma Phil

Author - Agatha Christie/Shakespeare

Beverage - Ice Cold co*ke/Hot Vanilla Cappuccino

She loved to drive and no one can forget her many trips to Appalachian to give them donations of toys/clothes and household items.

She loved her morning coffee with the Girls, Nanny, Dolly and Grandma Phil.

When relaxing she loved jigsaw puzzles and word fill-ins.

Her Greatest gift was her unending desire to help children and anyone who needed help to learn.

Enough cannot be said about this amazing woman who went to college, raised a family, helped run a farm, drove a tractor, devoted herself to her school, St Patrick’s and ALWAYS helped and loved people.

Love and miss you so much, Danielle, Tom, Darbie, and Dante!

To send flowers to the family or plant a tree in memory of Joan "Joanie" Marie (Potisuk) Ferrara, please visit our floral store.

Obituary for Joan "Joanie" Marie (Potisuk)  Ferrara | Donovan Funeral Home (2024)
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