The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (2024)

The Shoreline is a controversial map in Escape from Tarkov, mainly because of the middle of the map that everyone goes to. It can sometimes feel unfair when some spawns are better than others, and you seem to die within the match’s first minute.

Even though the resort covers most of the map, that is not all Shoreline has to offer Escape from Tarkov players. This map guide will show you which locations are worth a visit. We will cover what type of loot they have, what to look out for, and when to visit them.

1. The Resort – The Best Location On Shoreline

Risk: Very High

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (1)

If you have any experience with Shoreline, this should come as no surprise. Most of the loot on the map is found in this place, many quests need to be completed, and a Scav boss can spawn. Coupled with the fact that people actively rush this place for either quests, PVP, or high-tier loot, it is easily the best location on the map.

The resort is a very dangerous place – there are fewer people later into the raid, but you can pretty much always expect some sort of threat. Going to the resort as a player scav can be really good to get any of the loot that was not picked up.

Great Opportunities and Places to Loot within the Resort Map in Escape from Tarkov

Especially stuff like dead players that, in the heat of the moment, were left unlooted. Plenty of locked rooms haven’t been looted completely, so it can be useful to check everything. The basem*nt of the Resort is not as frequently looted either, so check that out.

Both the East and West wings of the Resort have a similar amount of loot on the Shoreline map in Escape from Tarkov. Your focus will depend on which keys you bring, but more on that later.

What to Expect for Loot

The type of loot you can expect here is mostly medical items, but the resort is vast and there are all kinds of loot, including weapon boxes, sports bags, PCs, and ammo. The medical loot ranges from common to rare items such as LEDXs and Ophthalmoscopes.

How to Approach the Resort Map Location during Raids

As a PMC coming in, however, make sure to bring some high-value keys and know where other players spawn. This is monumental to your survival. There are plenty of people who know the map inside out, and they will expect you. A good strategy is to pop an SJ6 at the start and sprint toward the Resort.

On the other hand, if you are doing quests, it might be a good idea to wait around somewhere safe for at least 15-20 minutes and then visit the location. A lot of the players will have gone by then. This will give you a higher chance of survival on Shoreline’s map in Escape from Tarkov.

Don’t worry if things don’t go according to plan; this is a highly contested area, so expect to die a lot. Over time, as you get better, you will take note of alternate paths and flanks, understand which fights to take, and the like. Eventually, you will improve.

What Keys To Bring When Going Resort on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov

For those arriving late, having a few of the right keys is essential. Here are our top recommended keys for you to bring:

  • Sanitar Tape Key
  • West Wing 205
  • West Wing 216
  • West Wing 220
  • East Wing 222/226

PVP at the Resort Map Location

The resort mostly has close-range combat with some long sightlines. Therefore, our recommendation is to bring a close-range weapon such as the MP7 or the Vector. For those on a budget, an MP5 will do the job, or if you are really on a tight budget, aiming for legs with a KEDR can go a long way.

The most important thing is to check your corners and play smart; take it slow, but you need to be aggressive when necessary, or else you will have a really hard time.

For example, if someone is holding an angle and there are many angles, peeking first and then moving will give them an advantage over someone who is stationary.

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2. The Cottage

Risk: Very High

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (2)

This is a small map location on Shoreline with the potential for a lot of loot for Escape from Tarkov players. The safes could make you a lot of money, and you can loot this location relatively quickly. Sanitar spawns here, which can be both good and bad.

The closest spawn point to the cottages has an opportunity to loot this place quickly and get out. One major problem with this location, even with its loot, is how contested it is. People that hunt Sanitar and do quests come here; people that spawn close by also come here, and the only time when it is relatively safe is later on.

Two other things that you need are the Cottage Key and the Cottage Safe Key to make money. Depending on the wipe, they can be incredibly expensive; right now, together, they are around 300k on the flea market, but they can be more.

The most money you can make is from safes; there are four in total, and one requires a key, which we recommend bringing. You have a chance of getting streamer items and rare things like military flash drives that currently sell for about 130k on the flea market.

Regardless of this location being pretty straightforward and the PVP not being much different from anything else on the Shoreline map within Escape from Tarkov. It is a dangerous location, so only go here if you are sure you can defend yourself.

3. Cabins/Village Location on Escape from Tarkov’s Shoreline Map

Risk: Medium/Low

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This location is a bit of a wildcard, as it can be inconsistent. However, this place is a great balance between okay loot and little PvP. The cabins have the most jackets in a single place, perhaps in the entire game, and are an excellent way to farm keys and keycards.

The only part where you should be careful is at the beginning of the raid, as there are plenty of PMC spawns around it. This location is excellent to visit early on in the game wipe when players are not as geared, and you have a possibility of getting rare keys and a lot of loose loot.

Toolboxes here can be great for your hideout if you don’t like playing Interchange or Woods but need extra bolts, wires, and such. There are also three hidden stashes around this place; they can bring some great loot.

One downside is that if there are multiple players, PVP can be quite awkward, with many angles to check and the fact that people can easily hear you walking or sprinting on wood. We suggest treating it like the Resort where caution should be taken in every room.

The Village

The Village is kind of a location on its own, but it’s right next to the cabins, so we included it as a single entry. This Shoreline map location is pretty mediocre compared to other map locations in Escape from Tarkov. There is some PVP in the beginning, but people rarely go there afterward.

There are a few jackets, weapons boxes, a lot of loose loot, and many toolboxes. Though the loot is not great, like the cabins, there are plenty of toolboxes. There are two hidden stashes in the village.

Not much else to say; it’s a great place for players or player scavs who want to avoid a bit of combat and get some easy loot.

Visit for more information on the stashes.

Risk: Low

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (4)

Now, some Shoreline map mains may hate us for exposing their secrets, but this place is incredibly underrated in Escape from Tarkov. On the surface, it may seem like there is nothing here; plus, there is the whole swamp area where one can get stuck.

If you learn how to navigate around this place, there are plenty of toolboxes to loot here, loose loot, and a single rare loot spawn in the Wooden Church. Most importantly, there are five hidden stashes in this place, and people go here so rarely that you can often just grab the loot for yourself.

This place is on the north side of the map, and most people underestimate just how much this place can bring. It is definitely our favorite pick on the list. Resort and Cottages or any other POI (point of interest) are also worth looking at.

The great thing about this map location is that the path to Shoreline extraction is just north, so you can extract after looting instantly. Or, if you want to loot a bit more, you can loot cottages and the village later and extract through tunnels, as they are also close.

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5. Power Station

Risk: Medium/High

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (5)

The power station is a bit lower on the list than we expected, and it is not even in a bad location. It has three toolboxes, two duffel bags, two jackets, and if you have the key, a bunch of weapon boxes and weapon mod spawns.

A good thing about this location is that the loot is decent and can be looted quickly. However, there is a Sniper Scav on top, so be careful.

The reason it is so low is that it can be quite contested around this place, and for the loot that you get, it is still good but lower than all the other entries on the list.

6. The Pier

Risk: High

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (6)

This location is pretty overrated for loot unless Sanitar spawns. There are a lot of quests here and it is almost always contested.

There are a few safes, PCs, and filing cabinets, and that is about it for loot; there is a wooden crate and a stash near the lighthouse, but it isn’t enough to make up for the fact that there is a quest at every stage of the wipe, drawing players to this location.

The fact that getting in and out of here is kind of tough, as everything is in the open in some way, does not help. There is also an extraction point at the boat that is sometimes open, so you can quickly exit if you manage to kill Sanitar.

7. The Weather Station Location on the Escape from Tarkov Shoreline Map

Risk: Medium

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (7)

This named location is just kind of there; it is good for a shooter born in heaven if you spawn here, and there is some loot like filing cabinets, a safe, a PC block, and a few other items, but nothing too notable.

To make matters worse, people traverse through here, especially at the beginning, and there is a possibility of goons spawning. The redeeming thing is that you can loot this place quickly and get out; however, it is definitely the worst-named location on Shoreline, as there is just not much going on.

Last Thoughts

It is no secret that most of Shoreline is The Resort. Yet, we have tried to include other locations for people who are not as confident at The Resort or if you just want to know what else is available in Shoreline.

There is some underrated loot around the map if you are really thorough, and these places are a lot safer than The Resort.

If you are a fan of open maps, check out our best locations on the Woods map in Escape from Tarkov article, and good luck in your raids!

The 7 Best Locations on the Shoreline Map in Escape from Tarkov (2024)
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