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Villain Overview


What have I told you countless times, sweetheart? Regarding you, work, and my affairs?
~ Valentino to Angel Dust in the official comic "Dirty Healings".
You actually think you can change? Addict trash like you doesn't change. I'll see you soon, baby.
~ Valentino taunting Angel Dust for wanting to rehabilitate himself at the Hazbin Hotel.

Valentino is one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Lute and Vox) of Season 1 of the adult animated series Hazbin Hotel.

He is one of Hell's most powerful and influential Overlords, serving as a member of the Vees alongside Vox and Velvette. The mood-swinging, impulsive owner of Hell's biggest p*rnography studios, Valentino sexually abuses one of his employees, the p*rn star Angel Dust, whose soul he owns; he is thus Angel's archenemy.

He is voiced by Joel Perez.


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Quick Answers

Valentino (Hazbin Hotel) (5)

What is Valentino's role in the Hazbin Hotel series?Valentino (Hazbin Hotel) (6)

Valentino is one of the secondary antagonists in the adult animated series, Hazbin Hotel. He's not just your average villain though, he's one of the most powerful and famous Overlords in Hell. Valentino owns Hell's p*rnography studios and is a member of The Vees, a notorious group that also includes Vox and Velvette. But his role doesn't stop there, he's also the boss and archenemy of Angel Dust. So, if you're wondering about the drama in Hazbin Hotel, Valentino is definitely stirring the pot!

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Who is Valentino's archenemy in Hazbin Hotel?Valentino (Hazbin Hotel) (7)

Valentino's archenemy in Hazbin Hotel is Angel Dust. As the owner of Hell's p*rnography studios and one of the most powerful Overlords in Hell, Valentino holds a significant amount of influence. However, his relationship with Angel Dust is far from friendly, with the two often clashing due to their differing agendas and personalities.

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What business does Valentino own in Hazbin Hotel?Valentino (Hazbin Hotel) (8)

Valentino, a prominent character in Hazbin Hotel, is the owner of Hell's p*rnography studios. Known as one of the most powerful and famous Overlords in Hell, he's a part of The Vees along with Vox and Velvette. His business ventures have made him a significant figure in the series, and he also serves as the boss and archenemy of Angel Dust.

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Who provides the voice for Valentino in Hazbin Hotel?Valentino (Hazbin Hotel) (9)

The voice behind the infamous Valentino in Hazbin Hotel is provided by Joel Perez. Perez brings to life this powerful Overlord of Hell, who is known for his notorious p*rnography studios and his role as the boss and archenemy of Angel Dust.

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Valentino is a slender moth demon measuring 3 meters tall with pale blue skin, has 2 pairs of arms, black hands, and hot pink eyes, and two antennas: one looks like a feather with a zebra print while the other looks damaged and has pink, pointed teeth. He wears a long scarlet red coat edged in fur with its creamy white down (which makes up his body) as a collar in which are implanted little red hearts, fluffy white cuffs with a matching top hat. He wears long black boots with stiletto heels and pink and gold heart-shaped sunglasses. He also has a golden tooth like Angel Dust.

Under his coat, he wears a dark grey jacket that shows his chest, held together with two gold buttons, and with the sleeves rolled up, alongside white pants with a black belt that has a golden love-heart-shaped buckle. He accessorizes with a gold chain hung down to his chest, gold arm bands, each hand having one gold ring, and sometimes gold nail guards on his fingers.



Nothing is known of Valentino's past as a human. When he died in the 1970s and went to Hell, reborn as a demon, he became one of the most powerful demons in Hell and owns his own p*rn studio.


In the Pilot episode, Valentino is seen alongside Vox and Velvette while the exterminators finish up their work and text Angel Dust to go back to work without the sass. Valentino later appears in a flashback alongside the other Overlords when Vaggie explains to Angel Dust who Alastor is.

Season 1[]

In the main show, he is a major antagonist, mostly treating his subordinates like slaves and oftentimes resorting to violently killing anyone in one of his moods, best shown during a Facetime chat between Vox and Velvette where he murders the latter's best model out of anger offscreen. He uses a variety of tactics to get them to do his bidding, including torture, emotional manipulation, and drugs. He seems to only care about others for their ability to serve and enrich him.

Notably, when Charlie Morningstar tries to help Angel Dust by following him to the studio, Valentino pretends to respect her the first time they meet by disturbingly licking her arm and offering her a position as a "star" at his studio, which she declines. However, he gets vicious with Angel Dust at the same time when Charlie accidentally sets fire to the film's setting, beating Angel into submission and reminding him that he owns him and his soul. He proceeds to order him to get rid of Charlie while threatening her life; once she leaves, his abusive behavior towards Angel continues, forcing him to do multiple p*rn videos during his song “Poison”.

He later appears in a nightclub ironically titled "Consent" accompanied by two demon women whom he attempts to recruit while threatening to kill a waiter if he doesn't bring him another drink. There he runs into Angel and a drunk Nifty. He then tries to recruit Nifty much to Angel's disgust who tells him that while he may own him he won't harm any of his friends. When Valentino reminds of the fact that he owns his soul Angel retorts that he only does so only on set. Valentino responds by punching him in the face and promising to make him suffer at work the next day. Nifty then rips off part of his fur, much to Valentino's shock and bafflement.

In the finale he joins Vox and Velvette in watching Adam's attack on the hotel, generally joining Velvette in her bored and uninterested reaction while Vox is ecstatic over seeing Alastor getting beaten and almost killed by the exorcist. He later remarks amused interest about Lucifer telling Adam he's going to f*ck him and shares part of the final song with Vox where the two overlords express excitement over Alastors defeat and plot to take advantage which is filmed by Velvette before the three share in a group hug. Valentino and the other Vees witnessed Niffty's sadisms when killing Adam (although Vox is amazed).

Other Appearances[]

In The Comics[]

Dirty Healings[]

Valentino appears in the prequel comics being Angel Dust's boss and killed a buyer who tried to cheat him out of his money and Angel goes into the limo as Valentino calls him. He later asks Angel why he wasn't in the studio and about his business and affairs, Angel Dust simply tries to tell Valentino that he sneaked out of the studio to simply help him but Valentino is angry at him for not staying at the studio and very clearly threatens to not do it again.

In The Music Videos[]


In this music video, Valentino's character is shown more in-depth, as he watches Angel Dust's pole dancing. It is revealed in his limousine that he takes most of Angel Dust's earnings for himself. While there, Valentino forcibly kisses Angel, and it is shown that he has raped him enough times to give Angel trauma.

Personality and Traits[]

I have KILLED bitches for less than this attitude you're giving me! You're LUCKY you make me money! Now, you're going to go get rid of her, and then you're filming ALL NIGHT! Get me?!
~ Valentino as he threatens Angel.

Valentino is a vicious demon overlord who abuses his employee, Angel Dust. He is cruel, ruthless, sad*stic, and perverted, forcing Angel Dust to kiss him against his will and forcing him to have sex with him regularly. Valentino's torment of Angel seems to border on obsession, causing Val to latch onto Angel at all times and become more chaotic and unstable when Angel rejects him.

While the extent of their relationship isn't known, he seems to at least get along with Vox and Velvette, as he lets them wait out the recent extermination of Hell inside his studio, especially when they should at a more appropriate moment.

While on his and Vox's Instagram, the relationship is an on-off again romantic one, though it is clearly abusive, as Vox is on the receiving end of Val's abuse. Val has a habit of breaking Vox's screen for petty reasons, such as not giving him the drink he wants. He also belittles Vox for getting him a bigger TV as an apology gift and says he'd have a new boyfriend if it vibrated. However, this was during the non-canon tweets.

In the actual series, Val seems to rely on Vox as moral support, being the only person who can calm down Valentino during his various fits of rage. Val is shown to have a monstrous temper unlike any other, butchering Velvette's staff and almost going to massacre and rape everyone at the Hazbin Hotel just because he was angry over Angel moving there rather than living at the Studio with him (this reaction likely stems from the fact that his contract with Angel states he can only control Angel while he's in the Studio itself, while outside it Angel can do as he pleases without consequences). His temper is shown to make him rather short-sighted and blind to the consequences of his actions since he was both risking the Vees' reputation as well as putting himself in danger of angering Charlie and Alastor, both of whom are stronger demons than him on their own. He demonstrates this flaw again during his first confrontation with Charlie in "Masquerade" where he shows his abusive treatment of Angel in full view of her and is only spared from her wrath by Angel acting as a human shield and forcing her to leave the Studio, and likely would've been brutalized or worse if Charlie had been given the chance to follow through on her threat.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Strength: Valentino demonstrates a few instances of his brute strength such as when he tears up one of Velvette's models limb from limb, and when he effortlessly grabs and lifts Angel Dust off the ground and throws him across the room
  • Demonic Transformation: As a demon, Valentino can probably transform himself into a more powerful form and swipe back to his ordinary one.
  • Influence: As an Overlord, Valentino holds a superior social position than ordinary demons. As the owner of p*rn Industries, he is the main p*rnographic distributor in Hell and one of the most influential Overlords, as well as being involved in drug deals as shown in dirty healings.
  • Black magic: As an Overlord, Valentino has achieved a particular magic that makes him an above-average demon in terms of power and that grants him several supernatural capabilities, such as manipulating smoke.
  • Smoke Manipulation: Valentino is shown to be able to move and model smoke, particularly pink smoke, despite is unknown if he is simply using the smoke produced by cigarettes or if he is capable of creating new ones.
  • Dominion over Pentagram City: As a powerful Overlord and a member of the Vees, Valentino thus has connections and control over vast areas of Pentagram City.


F*cking bitch!
~ Valentino wrecking Velvette’s fashion department
F*cking finally! Kitty, another drink. Can you believe what that piece of sh*t did! The ungrateful whor*!
~ Valentino wrathfully yells about Angel.
F*cking Angel Dust. Who the hell else would I be talking about?! That f*cking slu*t walked out on me. ME! I f*cking MADE him! Without me, he’s just a bag of meat with some mildly entertaining holes.
~ Valentino telling Vox how Angel left him.
No, he didn't f*cking quit. It's worse. He moved! He thinks he can just walk in, work, and then go home somewhere else. Can you f*cking believe that?! He thinks he can run off and shack up with Lucifer's bimbo daughter?
~ Valentino talking to Vox about how Angel moved to the Hazbin Hotel.
Yeah, that bitch, Chalkie, or Chandler, or- I don't know, something mannish like that. She's got this hotel and- which of these makes me look sexier?
~ Valentino, to Vox, about Charlie Morningstar and his guns
That slippery tw*nk is going to remember who owns him. I’m gonna f*ck everyone in that rancid sh*thole, I swear to God!
~ Valentino preparing to kill and rape everyone in the Hazbin Hotel.
But I really wanted to shoot someone!
~ Valentino to Vox.
Valentino: You know, Angel isn't the only one spending time at this ratty hotel with the devil's princessa.
Vox: Oh, who else is there? Someone who owes you money?
Valentino: Someone who owes us much more than money. The Radio Demon is there.
Vox: (...) What did you just say?
Valentino: You heard me.
Vox: Alastor... came back, and he is with Lucifer's
daughter... and that wasn't the FIRST F*CKING THING YOU TOLD ME?!
Valentino: Hey, killing Alastor is your kink.
~ Valentino telling Vox Alastor is back and working with Charlie.
See? Look at how he flirts with that guy, and he's not even paying! Who is that? I'm gonna f*cking kill his whole f*cking family! Vox? VOX?!
~ Valentino watching Angel flirt with a demon while calling to Vox.
Vox: That f*cker is back!
Valentino: Yeah, I thought he was gone for good too.
Vox: It's been seven years!
Valentino: You still pissed he almost beat you that time?
Vox: Uh, f*ck you!
Valentino: Just saying.
Vox: Things have changed a lot since he left town.
Valentino: That's for sure.
Vox: I got to send a message of who's really in charge of things now.
~ Vox and Valentino after learning of Alastor's return.

Put something inside them. That's how I get the bitches to behave.
~ Valentino on how he deals with his whor*s.
ANGEL, YOU BITCH! If you don’t come home, you will be f*cking greasy truckers for the next year!
~ Valentino threatening Angel to come back to the p*rn studio through voicemail.
Just improve it. You think anyone watches for the dialogue?
~ Valentino after Angel forgets his lines during a shoot.
Valentino: Angel, what is the f*cking holdup?!
Angel Dust: I’m coming.
Valentino: Not off camera, you’re not.
~ Valentino telling Angel to get back to work.
Valentino: Welcome to my humble sex dungeon. What can I do for such a- (Val licks Charlie’s forearm)
Charlie: Ah, no thank you.
-lovely specimen? You don’t want a role, do you? Because I can make you a star. Make us both richer than, well, your papito-
Charlie: F*ck NOOOOO.
~ Valentino introduces himself to Charlie and offers her a job to work for him.
Angel Dust: Val, I didn’t know that (Valentino slaps Angel) Val, I-
Valentino: You really think you can have Lucifer's little bitch fight your battles for you?
Angel: Val, please, I'm sorry. She's-
Valentino: You bring her here to protect you? To f*ck with me? (Val chokes Angel and pins him to a couch.)
Angel: Agh! Val, STOP!!
Valentino: You think she can get you out of work?
Angel: NO! No, th-th-that's not... What I'm trying to do. I... No! (Val throws Angel to the ground)
Valentino: You know she can't do anything. (Val makes a red chain, and puts it around Angel’s neck) I
own you. Or have you forgotten that? (Val shows Angel the contract.)
Angel: ...No.
Valentino: When I say "come", you say?
Angel: Yes, Valentino.
Valentino: When I say "you are f*cking 20 guys before lunch," you say?
Angel: Yes, Valentino.
Valentino: When I say "You better get that f*cking c*nt out of my studio!" you say?
Angel: Uh, I...
Valentino: YOU SAY?
Angel: Look, V-Val! She just... gets involved in everything. I-I'll tell her to leave! Just don't hurt her!
Valentino: I have killed bitches for less than this attitude you're giving me!! You're lucky you make me money!! Now, you're going to go get rid of her, and then you’re filming all night!! Get me?!?
Angel: Yes, Val...
Valentino: Good.
~ Valentino demonstrates his abusive and controlling behavior towards Angel Dust.
All right! Get your asses back on set, and we are taking this from the TOP!
~ Val forcing Angel back to work.
Angel: F*ck off, Val.
Valentino: Excuse me?
Angel: I said f*ck off! I must have to put up with your bullsh*t, but you ain’t f*cking with any of my friends.
Valentino: You forget who you’re talking to. I own you, bitch. (Val makes a red chain, and puts it around Angel’s arm.)
Angel: Yeah, you do, in the studio, and you can do anything you want to me in there, just like our deal says. But out here,
I get to do what I want. So once again, f*ck of- (Valentino slaps Angel to the ground)
Valentino: Enjoy the rest of your night, bitch, because I’m going to enjoy making you pay for it tomorrow.
Cherri Bomb: F*cking dickhe*d!
Angel: F*ck it. It was worth it.
~ Angel standing up to Valentino at a bar.
Valentino: OW! What the f*ck?!
Niffty: Hahaha! For my collection!
~ Valentino after Niffty rips a piece of his fur off.
Well, this just got interesting.
~ Valentino’s reaction to Lucifer’s mispronouncing threat towards Adam.


  • Faustisse stated that Valentino may have died in the 1970s.
  • He has his own Instagram Account called @Moth_Pimp. However, his account was deleted and it's unknown why.
  • Valentino got his name after Vivienne Medrano's cat, who passed away in 2016.
  • Valentino states he has employed "every down on their luck loser" on the Vees' part of the Pride Ring of Hell.
  • As of the "Addict" music video, Valentino has become the most hated character in the series, due to him sexually abusing and raping Angel Dust to the point of giving him some form of PTSD.
    • Even his friend, rival and on-off partner Vox doesn't like him much and calls him a "100% rat". Vox has been shown to be abused by Valentino, as he's gotten his screen cracked for minor things. Although, this seems to have changed in the actual series.
    • Even Stolas from Helluva Boss, who makes creepy phone calls to Blitzo, disapproves of his actions. This is because while perverted, and unafraid to show it, Stolas still seems to have standards and while he vexes Blitzo, he never goes as far as to outright rape him.
    • In the show proper, Charlie herself comes to hate him when she sees his abusive treatment of Angel with her own eyes and would've attacked him outright if Angel hadn't put himself between them. Given how kind and empathetic Charlie usually is towards sinners regardless of their attitude, this is rather telling of how awful Valentino is even by Hell's standards.
    • To hammer in just how vile Valentino is compared to most of Hell, even Asmodeus, the literal embodiment of Lust, is vocal about hating when it is forced, this means that Valentino would very likely be deeply disliked by Asmodeus despite Valentino's active love of lustful activities, he can be seen as a dark mirror of Asmodeus similarly, being the traditionally wicked and depraved aspects of lust (while Asmodeus is much more neutral). For all his vices, Asmodeus has far more decency than Valentino does.
  • Valentino is most likely meant to be another foil to Alastor similar to Vox given that he’s another fellow Overlord of Hell and both own other Sinners (Angel Dust and Husk respectively), via soul contracts and are cruel to them whenever they anger them, the difference is that Alastor is mainly affable while Valentino is a full-on psychopath who takes advantage of his workers for his benefit and to satiate his lust.
  • Valentino greatly resembles one of the forms taken by the sin of lust, Asmodeus. Fitting due to him owning the p*rn studios of Hell.
    • However, Asmodeus is the exact opposite of Valentino, who the former is really against forced lust and thinks it needs to be done with consent, something of which Valentino does not do.

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  • Valentino on the Hazbin Hotel Wiki



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